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Failed Credit Score mortgages

Mortgages without the forgone conclusion 

A less-than-perfect financial past requires a mortgage lender who can assess each case on its own merit, because there are so many reasons a person might have suffered a poor credit rating. 

At Kensington, we are experienced enough to know that financial issues of the past don’t always reflect the future, so we have created a more inclusive set of lending criteria and can look at each application individually. 

All of this means that we can make decisions based on the whole picture, not just on the outcome of a credit search, providing you more home owning opportunities. 

Product features:

We can still consider your application if you have

  • A black mark on your credit file
  • Defaults, secured loan arrears or satisfied CCJs that are older than two years
  • Unsatisfied CCJs, if they are older than two years
  • Up to two unsecured missed payments in the last year, if now up to date
  • We ignore all defaulted payments on your phone and internet bills

Perfect for:

  • Customers in performing debt management plans
  • Those who have experienced a life event such as divorce, illness or redundancy
  • People who have disputed a bill with a provider and pick up a blip on their credit record
  • Borrowers with thin credit files

The products available to customers with credit score issues are the same products with the same rates as those available to our customers without such issues.

How to apply for a Kensington mortgage

We work with mortgage advisers to ensure you receive the best service and would always recommend that you obtain appropriate advice before taking out any mortgage. 

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