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Contractor mortgages

Mortgages made simpler

Working on a contractual basis is growing in popularity as it provides flexibility and often better remuneration. But contractors can find it harder to get a mortgage if their circumstances don’t tick all of the boxes of a standard mortgage application.

At Kensington, we recognise the issues faced by contractors, which is why we have developed criteria aimed at overcoming these hurdles.

Product features:

  • Income calculated on current weekly contract x46
  • Only 12 months contracting history required 
  • Could be less than 12 months if contract is within an existing profession
  • Any profession
  • No minimum income

Perfect for: 

  • Contractors of any profession 
  • Contractors who have switched from salary to contract in the same sector within 12 months
  • Contractors with historic credit issues 

The products available to contractor customers are the same products with the same rates as those available to our employed customers.

How to apply for a Kensington mortgage

We work with mortgage advisers to ensure you receive the best service and would always recommend that you obtain appropriate advice before taking out any mortgage. 

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