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Complex Income mortgages

​Mortgages made simpler

When a person's income is made up of multiple sources there is an absolute need for a mortgage lender that can assess each case individually. Naturally, if you could, of course you would want all income streams to be taken into account.

At Kensington, we are able to consider all of your earned income sources in our affordability assessment. Our experienced underwriters take the time to consider regular overtime, bonus payments, investments and pension income; giving you a better chance of buying the home you can truly afford.

Product ​features:

We are able to consider all of your earned and investment income, including

  • Regular overtime
  • Regular bonus
  • Second job income
  • Investment income
  • Pension income
  • Vested shares

Perfect for:

  • Salespeople in all professions
  • Bank workers whose bonus package includes vested shares
  • NHS professionals working extra shifts in the private sector or a contractual basis
  • Full time office workers with part time second jobs
  • Other professions also considered

The products available to customers with complex income are the same products with the same rates as those available to our customers with straightforward income.

How to apply for a Kensington mortgage

We work with mortgage advisers to ensure you receive the best service and would always recommend that you obtain appropriate advice before taking out any mortgage. 

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