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Buy To Let Calculator
We've created a quick and easy Buy To Let calculator to give landlords an indication of the Maximum Balance Available.

Please note that the more accurate the information provided is, the more accurate the affordability results will be.
Customer name
Number of applicants
What will the mortgage term be?
What type of mortgage will it be?
Estimated Monthly Rental Income
What type of repayment will it be?
What is the Purchase Price/Property Value?
How much are you looking to borrow?
How much are you looking to borrow as Interest Only?
Your loan to value will be?
What fixed rate period is required?
Do you know the property details?
Property Region
Postcode District
Property Postcode
Approximate year of construction
What proportion of the rent do you pay to your letting agent?
Does your letting agent provide a void guarantee?
How much do you expect to pay for service charges per annum?
How much do you expect to pay for ground rent per annum?
Is the property a House in Multiple Occupation?
Is the property a Multi-Unit Block?
What proportion of the property will be owned by applicant 1?
An Applicant’s current annual income should include their gross income received, plus their portion of total gross rental income on all properties they own (excluding the anticipated rental income from the property to be mortgaged).
Total current annual income (app 1)
Total current annual income (app 2)
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Maximum Balance Available:
Important information

Please note that this calculator is for administrative purposes only and gives an indication of the potential amount you could borrow, based on the information you have provided. The actual maximum loan amount may vary and is subject to approval, following a full credit search and underwriter assessment.